vimium mapping for Dvorak layouts

I recently stumbled upon the rather neat vimium extension for Chrom(e|ium), which does much the same as the vimperator extension for Firefox. The problem, though, as with vimperator and vim itself, is that the default keyboard mappings are a bit of a pain in the arse for Dvorak users, as hjkl isn’t on the home row anymore, much less next to each other.

Therefore, it needs some remapping to get in a halfway familiar and Dvorak-compatible layout, which would look like this:


map r reload
map e removeTab
map u restoreTab
map h scrollDown
map t scrollUp
map d scrollLeft
map n scrollRight
map <c-h> scrollPageDown
map <c-t> scrollPageUp
map <c-u> scrollFullPageDown
map D goBack
map N goForward
map T nextTab
map H previousTab
map <c-y> createTab
map gg scrollToTop
map G scrollToBottom
map gf toggleViewSource
map zi zoomIn
map zo zoomOut
map yy copyCurrentUrl
map i enterInsertMode
map f LinkHints.activateMode
map F LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewTab
map / enterFindMode
map . performFind
map , performBackwardsFind

Just paste it in the remap field of the extension’s “advanced options” menu.