Fonts: Aller, Serif Beta, Lacuna

[Update: edited link to Aller font.]

So, there’s a new field I, being a rather techy nerd, am so far not very knowledgable at all in: typography.

That being said, I recently tried to find some fonts to nicen up my blog a bit. After a bit of searching, I happened upon these two fonts:

Aller is a free font presented by the Danmarks Medie- og Journalisth√ėjskoles. I have used it for my new theme at the blog.
Serif Beta
Serif Beta is a sort of workprint release of a font being developed by Christian Robertson. I use it to render the title of the blog.
This is a font designed by Peter Hoffman. It has no integrated bold typeset, but the regular font has a nice quirk to it.

Of course, every font needs sample pictures, so peruse these, if you will – but don’t be scared because WordPress does some fugly scaling: