Shadowrunning GTA4

One of the things I recently noticed is that GTA actually gives you a fair amount of choice on how to do some missions, but doesn’t really advertise the fact.

Playing the game after some time (and only few days after a Shadowrun session), I went ahead and got to do the mission “Dining Out”, where Yours Truly (on his avatar in this case, Niko Bellic) had to run a hit on one Kim Young-Guk. Young-Guk was dining at a place called Mr. Fuk.

Warily, I drove Niko to the encounter, investigating the site – a rather accessible and free-standing restaurant. Tired of all previous hit missions, which mostly ended up in me chasing the person on bicycle or car most of the time, I decided to try to be creative. I went around the back, and indeed, in the parking lot I found a motorcycle and a PMP 600 (which is a remake of one of those Chrysler estates). Fearing that this would exactly end up as I predicted, I rang up Packie and got myself a nice little car bomb.

Placing this under the PMP 600, I went inside and sure enough, the stale air in the restaurant had an unhealthy dose of lead after a couple of seconds. So one kills all the goons, goes upstairs and talks (while sighting down along the sights of the gun) to the manager, who said that Kim just fled out through the kitchen. Of course.

Chasing Kim down, one badgers through the kitchens, only to find that Korean bugger already having jumped down the fire escap, dodging into his PMP 600. One would then have to jump down after him and swing yourself unto the motorcycle.

Smirking, I let Niko pull out his mobile phone and call (handily preselected) the bomb, which promptly blows up the car and Kim with it. $13,250 earned without having to break your neck on the motorcycle and probably crash into something with a spectacular slow motion scene.

The thing is that GTA often silently encourages such behaviour. There’s a few missions where the city gets mission-specific instances, thus undoing some changes to the scenery you might have caused. But more often than not, you can just start laying traps if you either suspect or know what’s going to happen. Place bombs, blockade exits with a lorry, ram down fences to get other ways of access to a location, start sniping people from some totally different location, or just go all Alta├»r and shuffle to a site via the rooftops.

It’s fun, really.