A records on top level domains

After I stumbled upon the wonderful URL shortener http://to/ today and immediately began posting it on IRC, I received a comment that someone didn’t even know that is was possible to do so. I, of course, could only comment “of course it’s possible”. But in the same train of thought, I just had to have a look at who else has a valid A record on their top level domain. So I fetched the IANA TLD list and, after being baffled by the punycode TLDs, threw some sh at the problem:
(for domain in $(grep -v '^#' tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt); do host -t A "${domain}."; done) | grep -v 'has no A record'

For the sake of enjoyability, I thus offer the results in table form, along with what kind of site is running on port 80.

2013 data

Data timestamp is 2013-10-15T12:57:33+0200, routing from AS31078.

TLD IP content (port 80)
AC nic.ac – the .ac domain registry and network information centre – home
AI Offshore Information Services Ltd.
CM (UNKNOWN) 1 80 (http) : Connection refused
DK DK Hostmaster A/S: Dansk
GG (UNKNOWN) 2 80 (http) : Connection timed out
IO NIC.IO – The Indian Ocean .IO Domain Registry and Network Information Centre
JE (UNKNOWN) 2 80 (http) : Connection timed out
KH (UNKNOWN) 4 80 (http) : Connection timed out
PN 404 on apache2
SH NIC.SH – The Island of St Helena .SH Domain Registrar and Network Information Centre
TK (UNKNOWN) 5 80 (http) : No route to host
TM NIC.TM – .TM Domain Registry and Network Information Centre
TO (UNKNOWN) 6 80 (http) : Connection refused
UZ Главная – ccTLD.uz
VI (UNKNOWN) 7 80 (http) : Connection timed out
WS WebSite.ws – Your Internet Address for Life

2010 data

Data timestamp is 2010-01-08T16:05:00+0100, location for routing is DTAG-DIAL26 / AS3320.

TLD IP content (port 80)
AC “Always connected” (NIC.AC)
AI “Offshore Information Services”
BI “It works!”
CM cm 1 80 (www) : Connection refused
DK “DK Hostmaster” (NIC.DK)
GG Channel Isles Domain Registration
HK hk 9 80 (www) : No route to host
JE Channel Isles Domain Registration
PH HTTP 500.100 via broken Microsoft IIS
PN Apache default home page
PW pw 10 80 (www) : No route to host
SH sh 11 80 (www) : No route to host
TK “TK your long URL”, free .tk domain name registry
TO TO./ URL shortener
UZ some WAP page I can’d decipher
WS ws 12 80 (www) : Connection timed out

So, in short, 5 of 18 (27%) are downright broken, one is being autistic, and a further 2 (11%) are not configured to do anything meaningful, leading to a total of 8 – or 44% – of TLD A records being useless. Bonus: none of the sites have AAAA records and, thus, no IPv6 availability.

  1. 24.205.60
  2. 117.196.80
  3. 117.196.80
  4. 223.32.21
  5. 119.57.22
  6. 74.32.107
  7. 0.0.198
  8. 24.205.60
  9. 119.2.28
  10. 199.114.33
  11. 251.31.234
  12. 101.245.10